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Queensland innovations: leading the fight against COVID-19

Pandemic Preparedness – Call out for collaboration

While we are all facing adversity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the life sciences industry is in a unique position to make a difference and address some of the challenges being presented. We are encouraging collaboration between the organisations and stakeholders of the industry, to share your capabilities to help address issues we are facing in areas such as safety gear,  ICU equipment, drugs, vaccines and diagnostics.

Specifically, we are seeking your feedback. What are you doing to address these challenges? What barriers are you currently facing?  What more could you be doing if you had assistance in a certain area? Do you have facilities, equipment or services that are not being utilised but could be beneficial to others with different capabilities?

If there is anything LSQ or our other members can do to help your organisation address these challenges, please contact us on


COVID-19 Information Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented landscape around the world. The Queensland life sciences industry is at the forefront with progress on testing, treatments, vaccines and a cure continuing throughout the State.

Life Sciences Queensland Limited (LSQ) are working together with our members to support the global fight against COVID-19. As the pandemic continues to evolve day to day, LSQ has compiled this regularly updated page to act as your guide to the pandemic and how Queensland is leading the fight against this devastating virus.

If your organisation has anything to add to this page or can help in any further way, please contact us on



State and Federal Govts fund development of COVID-19 vaccine
State and Federal Governments, 23 Mar 2020.
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today announced a $17 million package to fast track a world-leading vaccine for coronavirus developed in Queensland.
Queensland COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough
Advance Queensland, 23 Mar 2020.
Our contribution of $10 million, along with $3 million from the Australian Government and $3.5 million from The Paul Ramsay Foundation, could see a vaccine being developed six months earlier than expected.
Griffith signs MoU with Bio manufacturer to assist COVID-19 vaccine development
Griffith University, 19 Mar 2020.
Griffith University and Queensland-based Luina Bio has announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) targeting the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.
Researchers set to begin clinical trials on coronavirus treatment
UQ, 18 Mar 2020.
From tomorrow, some Australians will be able to consult their doctor or other health professional with a bulk-billed videocall rather than in person, in a move designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus among vulnerable people.
‘Significant step’ in COVID-19 vaccine quest
UQ, 21 Feb 2020.
A University of Queensland team has met a key milestone in their fast-tracked research to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, COVID-19.


Zucero Therapeutics to investigate anti-viral properties of ZU545 against COVID-19
Zucero Therapeutics Limited, 25 Mar 2020.
The current COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it is having around the world affects us all. While we are only a small company, we will do all that we can to help address the COVID-19 threat.

General Commentary

Testing times: immunity to Covid-19 messages
QUT, 19 Mar 2020.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has the opportunity to show real leadership during the Covid-19 crisis if he gets his response right, but it’s a big if, says QUT political scientist Professor Clive Bean.
Coronavirus claims checked by experts
UQ, 18 Mar 2020.
Herd immunity is not part of the Australian strategy for controlling the outbreak. On social media there are many people calling for stronger and faster government responses, including “shutting everything down.”
Expert commentary: COVID19
CSIRO, 17 Mar 2020.
CSIRO is involved in key research in the rapid global response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. We aim to pass on as much accurate information as we can, as quickly as possible regarding this research.

Avoiding Exposure

Voting in the age of coronavirus
QUT, 19 Mar 2020.
While coronavirus (COVID-19) will be felt across every level of society in Australia and around the globe, it could also spell the end of traditional Election Day spruiking with how-to-vote flyers.
Want to Skype your GP to avoid exposure to the coronavirus?
UQ, 12 Mar 2020.
From tomorrow, some Australians will be able to consult their doctor or other health professional with a bulk-billed videocall rather than in person, in a move designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus among vulnerable people.

How you can help

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The Australian Society for Microbiology.

Offer services or goods
Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.

Upcoming webinars

Austrade International Health Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 in China
Australian Government, 2pm on 27 Mar 2020.

Managing Export Supply Chains – Covid-19
Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise, 12:30pm on 1 Apr 2020.

Financial Resilience Webinars: In Response to COVID-19
TAFE Queensland, various dates in April and May.