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Welcome to the Life Sciences Queensland MedTech and Medical Devices directory, a comprehensive guide to the forefront of innovation in Australia's health sector. This curated collection features leading organisations dedicated to advancing healthcare solutions, from groundbreaking medical devices to cutting-edge medtech innovations. Explore everything from revolutionary low-risk, low-cost heart therapy to wearable bioelectric treatment solutions, and a spectrum of other trailblazing companies shaping the future of medical technology. This directory celebrates the pivotal role these entities play in feeding, fuelling, and healing our communities, contributing to the growth and sustainability of Australia's life sciences landscape.

QHeart Medical
QHeart Medical was founded by a group of passionate cardiac device professionals focused on serving major unmeet clinical needs. We are currently commercialising a revolutionary low-risk low-cost heart therapy implant for highly unserved hypertensive heart failure and resistant hypertension.
Resolian Bioanalytics
Resolian Bioanalytics is a leading global research laboratory providing services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.
Medical Technology Association of Australia
The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) is the national association representing companies in the medical technology industry. MTAA aims to ensure the benefits of modern, innovative and reliable medical technology are delivered effectively to provide better health outcomes to the Australian community.
BioBandage, a venom-activated hydrogel hemostatic agent for use in non-compressible truncal wounds on the battlefield - a leading cause of preventable death. Developed at UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology by Professor Alan Rowan and Dr Amanda Kijas, together with UQ School of Biomedical Sciences’ Professor Mark Midwinter.
VALD Performance
VALD Performance is a world leader in musculoskeletal assessment and rehabilitation technologies. VALD technologies are used by over 1,000 of the world’s most elite sports organisations, clinics, universities, hospitals and defence departments to measure human movement, performance and injury rehabilitation.
ViceBio were founded to develop the patented Molecular Clamp technology invented at The University of Queensland, Australia and exclusively licensed to Vicebio by UniQuest, the commercialisation company of UQ. The Molecular Clamp technology stabilises viral glycoproteins in “prefusion” conformation, to deliver highly protective and ready-to-use fully liquid vaccines.
LigCoat™ is an innovative product that not only contributes to circular economy, unlike other coatings, LigCoat™ does not need to be separated from paper in the recycling process. It is eco-friendly and has the additional benefit of being a strengthening agent. Our proprietary sustainable bio-based coating enables the creation of a water barrier and overcoming the long-term issue of dealing with disposal of single use plastic. Lignin based waterproof coating (may have medical uses)
MTPConnect is a not-for-profit organization in Australia that aims to accelerate the growth of the medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector. It was established in December 2015 by the Australian Government as an independent organization. MTPConnect focuses on strengthening connections between research and industry to maximize opportunities for scientific and technological breakthroughs, as well as their translation and commercialization. Their key areas of focus include increasing collaboration and commercialization, improving management and workforce skills, enhancing access to global supply chains and international markets, and optimizing the regulatory environment.MTPConnect raises awareness, facilitates collaboration, aggregates knowledge, and jointly funds projects that address sector growth priorities and identified constraints and gaps. They have established key hubs in Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane, along with their head office in Brighton, Victoria. The MTPConnect Board, led by Hon Jaala Pulford, consists of respected industry leaders.MTPConnect also runs various programs funded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and other initiatives, supporting research and development in the MTP sector.
Parasym is a neurotechnology company focused on providing cutting edge, wearable bioelectric treatment solutions that improve quality of life through targeted modulation of the autonomic nervous system. Parasym's tech has exciting application in cardiovascular disease with RCT results showing improvement in atrial fibrillation burden and QoL in heart failure patients.
WearOptimo is an Australian Healthtech company at the forefront of wearables and precision medicine. Our unique and patented Microwearable platform is designed to access and interpret key health signals continuously, remotely, and in real-time, while being unobtrusive and pain-free to the user.
Thermal Armour
Thermal Armour provides a cure for perioperative hypothermia, the most common serious adverse surgical event in the world.
TickerCardiology, a platform to improve diagnostic cardiology services using cloud-based technology.
Vaxxas Pty Ltd
Vaxxas is commercialising novel technology that dramatically enhances the performance of existing next-generational vaccines. Their delivery platform enables robust immune system activation by targeting vaccine components to the abundant immunological cells immediately below the skin’s surface. Vaxxas’ proprietary Nanopatch™ technology aims to provide an optimised, differentiated needle-free vaccine delivery solution that safely and cost effectively amplifies vaccine efficacy.
The UltraThera is a non-invasive, incisionless, and radiation-free medical device developed by researchers at The University of Queensland's Queensland Brain Institute. It uses low-frequency transcranial scanning ultrasound to treat brain diseases like Alzheimer's. By overcoming the blood-brain barrier, it enables a multi-modal therapeutic approach to address treatment limitations and facilitate the development of effective treatments.
Stryker R&D Lab officially opened in 2022. In partnership with Queensland Government, the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and Metro North Health, the Stryker lab will accelerate collaboration to deliver new medical technology innovations and collaboration in advanced manufacturing research.
PharmaSols is the longest established, best connected, privately-owned Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) in the Pacific region. They have international experience with large pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech organisations, with expertise across a wide variety of therapeutic areas.
Silverstone Developments
Silverstone Developments is a Brisbane based private property development and investment company, with a track record in the Australian market. They deliver high quality healthcare and life sciences, commercial, residential, and retail developments, with a total value of over $900 million completed. Their advanced life sciences facility, the Brisbane Advanced Research Centre is 11,700 square metres of purpose- built life sciences, research, medical technology, and education accommodation in Queensland’s largest health precinct, Herston.
PEP Health
PEP Health is a communications platform that provides a unique way for patients to monitor, manage and communicate their health journey with their clinical team. Patients use the same tools (clinical surveys, wearables, laboratory test results) their clinicians employ, to monitor and communicate their progress, symptoms and side effects providing their care team with a continuously updated health status snapshot.
PSC Biotech
PSC Biotech is a provider of life sciences essential services, ensuring the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical and biotech products meet regulatory standards. The Australian team specializes in GMP Engineering, offering expertise in commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV). They assist with validation project planning, documentation generation, execution, and summary reports. Additionally, PSC Biotech offers computer system validation (CSV) and technical writing support for operational readiness. Their focus is on maintaining compliance and delivering high-quality services in the life sciences industry.
PEMDx is a medical device company based in Brisbane Australia. A joint collaboration of medical doctors and engineers solving clinical health problems. Their world-first respiratory monitor helps health care staff conduct respiratory assessments. The bag can be fitted to any standard oxygen mask, and it inflates and deflates as a patient breathes.
Merck offer one of the broadest portfolios in the industry for scientists, best-in-class products for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and a fully integrated service organization to support CDMO and contract testing across traditional and novel modalities. Our vision is a world where our innovative products, services, and digital offerings help create solutions for people globally and a sustainable future for generations to come.
Medicsen has invented a Needle- free Smartpatch for painless delivery of large drugs like insulin, heparin or antibodies using safe ultrasound waves. We have a great team of 16 professionals, a granted patent, a working prototype validated in vivo with 15 pigs and strong interest from the TOP pharma and medtech companies including funding and LOIs.
Intellect Labs
Intellect Labs helps ambitious businesses with R&D Tax Incentive, Patent Box, Grant Strategy and IP centric projects across the medtech, biotech, food and beverage, recycling and manufacturing industries. We collaborate with an expandable network of IP experts to assist our clients to leverage the ideas and products they develop.
Laronix has developed Bionic Voice, the world’s first smart wearable electronic voice prosthesis for laryngectomy people (larynx amputees or laryngectomees). Bionic Voice substitutes and regeneratesnthe missing "voice source” for laryngectomees.It is naturally controlled by respiration and has an exceptionally high voice quality. The Voice is generated by a smart algorithm and can be trained in its future generation to reach a voice quality resembling the patient’s own.
Graphics et. al.
Graphics et al. offers subscription software for creating scientifically accurate images and animations without the need for a graphic designer. Their user-friendly interface and extensive library of over 10,000 digital assets enable users to create visually stunning diagrams and automations quickly. Their mission is to simplify scientific communication for all users. They cater to various industries, including healthcare, clinical trials, scientific manufacturing, medtech, laboratory training, and research.
Cool Beans Underwear
Cool Beans is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to boost sperm health and improve the likelihood of conception for couples. As a medical device entered into the Therapeutic Goods Administration Registrar (ARTG 379655), our underwear finally involves men in the conception journey, empowering them to play an active role in building and expanding their family.
Datarwe is a clinical Data-as-a-Service provider operating as a public:private collaboration between healthcare providers and leading healthcare ecosystem partners. We are united by the challenge of revolutionising medicine through enhanced real world clinical data access. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and clinicians are passionate about increasing the adoption of medical AI innovation to the patient bedside and beyond.
Cook Medical Australia
Cook Medical develops and sells minimally invasive medical devices since 1963.Our products, manufactured in North America, Europe and Australia, are sold and delivered to 135 countries, serving almost every system in the human body and every area of the hospital. We have more than 10,000 employees globally who are all dedicated to delivering clinically effective options to physicians and better healthcare to the patients we serve.
Bellaseno is a clinical-stage medical device company focusing on regenerative implants produced by additive manufacturing across multiple structural tissue reconstruction applications. BellaSeno develops fully resorbable implants that support the growth of natural tissue and get absorbed over time. BellaSeno’s innovative technology platform provide broad-spectrum design & manufacturing possibilities to provide a step change in multiple healthcare segments.
Canary Regulatory Affairs
Canary provides Product Development and Global Regulatory Affairs strategic advice and operational support to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices sectors to expedite registration and commercialisation.
Canaria Technologies
Canaria Technologies is a market leader in Predictive Biometrics Systems, providing non-invasive wearable devices powered by proprietary biometric algorithms to predict and prevent Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress. We are working with the world's biggest companies across the global resources sector, allowing technology and safety to come together in life-threatening situations.
Convergence Medical
Convergence brings together decades of research from over 10 global companies to develop the world's first arthroscopic surgical robot. Arthroscopy is a common procedure making up over 50% of orthopaedic operations treating up to 3.3m patients per year. Whilst this surgical technique is common and considered best practice, it is an area with minimal innovation and extensive complications (seen in around 40% of cases - 1 million patients per year).
Anteris Technologies
Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX: AVR) is a structural heart company committed to designing, developing and commercialising innovative medical devices. Our lead technology is DurAVRTM Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV) for the treatment of aortic stenosis. Designed in partnership with the world’s leading interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, DurAVR™ THV uses a single piece of bioengineered tissue, resulting in a biomimetic valve uniquely shaped to mimic the performance of a healthy, human aortic valve.
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