Queensland’s innovative home of life sciences hosts Future of Health Series

The city of Greater Springfield, located approximately 30 minutes south-west of Brisbane, Queensland, is home to one of Australia’s leading business campuses designed specifically for the life sciences industry: BioPark Australia. Together with Life Sciences Queensland, BioPark Australia and Springfield City Group will be hosting the upcoming Future of Health Series, a collection of seminars discussing where the life sciences industry is heading. The next Future of Health Series instalment will be held on Thursday 14 March from 8am to 2.30pm, under the theme of ‘Scaling & Retaining for Biomanufacturing’.

Biomanufacturing has a transformative effect on the global economy, particularly in Australia and Queensland. We believe that by spreading information and networking key players across the local industry we can accelerate the sector's growth and discover how we can build a collaborative ecosystem that propels the industry forward. The sector has achieved significant growth milestones recently, including the establishment of industry leaders like Sanofi in Queensland, the development of TM@TRI, and the strategic implementation of the National Reconstruction Fund. Now that these milestones have laid a solid foundation for our local life sciences industry, how do we retain that growth and scale it further?

“Australia – and south-east Queensland specifically – plays host to the creation and operation of so many incredible life science companies. It is vital that these companies have a local, supportive ecosystem with relevant advice, suitable infrastructure and sufficient funding to enable them to reach their full potential,” says Dustin Welch, BioPark Australia’s General Manager for Health. 

“The Future of Health series and Springfield BioPark aim to provide many of these key elements, alongside other organisations like the BioManufacturing Alliance, so this sector can be a significant pillar of our economy into the future.”

In the two panel discussions being held in this event, we will shine a spotlight on the processes and challenges needed for scaling and retaining for biomanufacturing, as well as explore new approaches taking root within universities as the biomanufacturing sector matures. These interactive discussions will explore issues such as:

  • What do biomanufacturing companies need as they grow and mature?
  • How can companies maintain product quality and consistency when scaling up?
  • What are the case studies for successful scaling in biomanufacturing?
  • What are the economic and financial aspects of scaling up?
  • What does the future of biomanufacturing look like when we consider the challenges of scaling up?

Audience members will be invited to participate via Q&A sessions throughout the event and in a stand-alone discussion session.  

Key points will be summarised on the LSQ website and on LinkedIn: be sure to follow Life Sciences Queensland on LinkedIn to receive updates and access video recordings of the panel discussions.

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