LSQ Featured Member: Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear

Preparing to start a family comes with many trials. Fertility issues are often seen as a women’s health problem, but men are a contributing factor in 50% of all infertility cases, with sub-quality sperm health being a leading cause of miscarriages. That’s where LSQ Member Cool Beans Underwear comes in. 

Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to boost sperm health and improve the likelihood of conception for couples. Designed to keep the testicles cool and ensure the scrotum remains on the lap, not between the thighs when seated, Cool Beans boost both sperm health and comfortability. Scrotal heat has long been linked to male fertility, with studies showing that even a 1% increase in testicular heat can reduce fertility by up to 14%. 

Cool Beans Underwear is a simple way to address this common problem, using their patented and Therapeutic Goods Administration registered mesh pouch that comfortably supports the testes and scrotum holding them away from the body. This allows them to self-regulate to 2-3°C cooler than the core body temperature, which helps to improve sperm health and male fertility. To maintain optimal sperm production, the testes need to be 3°C cooler than the body’s core temperature.

Male fertility issues have often been addressed using lifestyle adjustments, such as losing weight and managing stress. However, the simple stress of struggling to conceive can make these changes tough. Many men then turn to pharmaceutical options, which can have undesired side effects. With Cool Beans’ cooling underwear, men can lower their testicular heat and take control of their infertility problems just by doing the same thing they do every day: putting on underwear.

Cool Beans stand out among LSQ members as a uniquely innovative product that solves an underserved problem with a simple solution. We at Life Sciences Queensland are proud to be affiliated with the Cool Beans team, and applaud their work championing men’s fertility. To learn more about Cool Beans, check out their website at

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