Life Sciences Live Deep Dive: Unlocking Success in the Biotech Business

Brisbane, QLD - The first-ever Life Sciences Live event held at River City Labs exceeded all expectations with over 50 guests from Queensland's vibrant life sciences community coming together for this inaugural event on the #SomethingFest calendar.

The day was filled with insightful presentations, panel discussions, and a dynamic roundtable session where participants delved deep into the essentials for Queensland companies to thrive on the global stage.

Life Sciences Live provided the perfect platform for industry leaders: Dr. Anand Gautam from Pfizer Inc., Dr. Iris Depaz of Sanofi Inc., Professor Trent Munro from Microba Life Sciences, and Mr. Duncan Stovell of Magnetica Limited to share their journeys, successes, and challenges on the path to becoming global players in the biotech industry.  

Beyond the enlightening insight from the speakers, Life Sciences Live provided the ideal setting for attendees to connect and participate in a transformative roundtable discussion to unpack what’s needed for Queensland companies to excel on the global stage.  

The success of Life Sciences Live wouldn't have been possible without the support of our venue partner, River City Labs, and our sponsors McCullough Robertson, Patrick Silvey, and VenturePro.

Photos from the event here.

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