Featured Member: Magnetica

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in its current form has existed for more than 50 years, and forms a cornerstone of modern diagnostic practice. As technology has advanced, researchers have been able to expand MRI machines’ scanning capabilities and create more portable, agile machines that allow for new ways to acquire internal images without disturbing patients. Since 2005, Brisbane-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Magnetica Limited has been at the forefront of this research, leading the world in medical imaging technology.

Magnetica was founded by The University of Queensland’s Director of Bioengineering, Emeritus Professor Stuart Crozier, and the company’s close ties to Queensland’s top university have proved fruitful for product development. Magnetica has developed a helium-free superconducting magnet that’s approximately twice as powerful as traditional machines, capable of seeing detail down to the interior of blood vessels. They have also developed reduced-size gradient coils and radiofrequency coils for use in dedicated musculoskeletal extremity applications. This cutting-edge technology is now in place in more than 200 compact MRI systems worldwide, allowing patients to have their arms or legs scanned without undergoing the typically stressful and claustrophobic MRI experience. By condensing and protecting the magnetic material inherent in the MRI system, Magnetica’s compact devices can be transported and installed in just about any room in a hospital – a significant advantage over traditional systems.

In January 2021, Magnetica merged with UK-based Scientific Magnetics, which included their US-based subsidiary Tecmag, Inc. This merger brought with it new superconducting magnet and medical spectrometer product lines to augment Magnetica’s existing market offerings. With this merger, Magnetica now manufactures and provides a full suite of MRI technologies to hospitals and clinics around the world. An additional merger took place in late 2023 with Televere Systems, giving Magnetica a further opportunity to expand into the X-Ray imaging field. Now, with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Brisbane at three times the size of their previous location, Magnetica is poised to become a leader in Australia’s medical imaging development and manufacturing space.

Life Sciences Queensland is proud to call Magnetica a member. Designing, developing, and manufacturing vital diagnostic equipment on home soil makes it more accessible to local hospitals and clinics, provides more local jobs, and ensures better patient outcomes through high-quality technology. If you’re interested in what Magnetica can provide to your clinic, browse their offerings online.

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