Featured Member: Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson Automation Solutions Australia & New Zealand operates as a key provider of cutting-edge automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of the life sciences sector. With a history of more than  130 years of excellence designing mechanical solutions for a huge range of industries, Emerson combines superior products, industry-specific experts, and bespoke technologies to allow life science manufacturers to maximise their production efficiency, ensure product quality, and navigate regulatory compliance seamlessly.

Expertise and solutions

Emerson’s expertise in automation technology extends across every sector of the life sciences industry, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical packaging, and medical devices. Their comprehensive suite of solutions addresses critical manufacturing challenges, from buffer and media preparation to purification. These mechanical solutions give manufacturers the power to optimise their processes, enhance their product quality, and reduce their operational costs.

Delivering results

One notable Emerson success story involves Eli Lilly and Company, a pharmaceutical pioneer known for its groundbreaking contributions to recombinant DNA technology. Seeking to modernise its process automation systems, Eli Lilly partnered with Emerson to implement scalable automation solutions across their production line. The results were impressive, with Eli Lilly dramatically reducing engineering costs, training time, configuration time, system installation, and validation time. The seamless integration of Emerson’s DeltaV™ system led to increased efficiency, flexibility, and productivity across Lilly’s production facilities. You can read the full case study here.

Advancing data management and quality assurance

Emerson’s efforts to advance data management and quality assurance is evident in their innovative software solutions, built from the ground up to make life simpler for laboratories and researchers. By integrating bespoke software with industry-standard hardware, Emerson empowers workers across every piece of the production chain to gain greater control and security over their data, facilitating smoother regulatory compliance and securing product quality and reliability.


In a sector that demands rapid technological advancement, Emerson Automation Solutions Australia & New Zealand works as a powerful partner to every medical researcher looking to scale. With their ability to deliver tailored solutions, superior technology, and unparalleled expertise, Emerson continues to drive transformative advancements and empower life science manufacturers to thrive in a global economy.

LSQ is proud to welcome Emerson as a new member – we are excited to see how they continue to advance the Australian life sciences industry. For more information about Emerson Automation Solutions Australia & New Zealand and their pioneering contributions to our life sciences industry, visit their website.

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