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Life Sciences Queensland and the Queensland AI Hub forge strong partnership for digital technology, life sciences and healthcare

Life Sciences Queensland (LSQ) and the Queensland AI Hub have formalised their collaborative partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organisations.

As big data and AI continue to shape the future of life sciences and the health sector, the Queensland AI Hub works to cement Queensland’s status as a national and international leader in AI enabled transformation. LSQ remains the key industry body representing Queensland’s life sciences sector.

Together, LSQ and the Queensland AI Hub will bring their own strengths and networks to the partnership.  Each industry organisation is well placed to create linkages that will strengthen the future of digital technology and the power of AI applications with life sciences and health care.  They aspire to build and nurture a stronger ecosystem that facilitates collaboration, communication, and growth.

“LSQ looks forward to a continued business partnership that will permit both organisations to work together to harness their complementary resources and expertise,” stated Clare Blain, CEO of Life Sciences Queensland.

Sue Keay, CEO of Queensland AI Hub, recognises that both organisations have mutual interests and the benefit of undertaking cooperative activities.

Both organisations have similar goals – to advocate, advance innovation, build businesses and raise the profile of Queensland’s AI and MedTech sectors, respectively, on the world stage so there will be plenty of opportunity for collaboration. 

The agreement between Queensland AI Hub and LSQ paves the way for health start-ups and existing companies to access local and global talent and businesses connected to both organisations.  Leveraging new networks and expertise will further develop innovative technologies that improve quality of life.

Cooperative activities between the two organisations include, strengthening AI in life sciences and health, boosting the local digital and life sciences economy, attracting investors to Queensland and Australian AI and life sciences businesses, and working together to promote, develop and provide expertise to businesses that embrace bio, digital and circular economies.

Nagaraj Gopisetty, LSQ Deputy CEO, sees the opportunity for both LSQ and its initiative the LS Catalyst program with Queensland AI Hub and notes that there is a willingness in industry to collaborate, stating “As the life sciences startup and AI subsector continues to grow, Queensland is a perfect place for such partnerships.”

Both LSQ’s LS Catalyst program and the Queensland AI Hub are initiatives supported by Advanced Queensland.


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