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International Policy Summit sees Australia’s bioeconomy take centre stage

Change-makers from across the globe will meet in Brisbane on Friday, 15 November for The Asia-Pacific Bioeconomy Policy Summit to explore major issues and opportunities facing the world’s bioeconomy.

The full-day Summit will see policy-makers, bioenergy researchers, investors, funding agencies, and fuel, energy and agricultural organisations voice their ideas for innovation at a series of more than 10 interactive sessions, providing a platform to advocate key development and collaboration opportunities within the sector.

With climate change, urbanisation and other external impacts a major global talking point, the Summit will position the nation’s bioeconomy as a key driver and critical influence when it comes to economic and social development at a state, national and international level.

Life Sciences Queensland (LSQ) CEO and event coordinator Clare Blain said the Summit is an important event in shaping the future of the life sciences industry.

“Driven by aspirations to discover what life sciences can achieve for humanity, The Asia-Pacific Bioeconomy Policy Summit provides the opportunity for key change-makers from across region to share strategic advice, and rally for vital developments and innovation across the sector,” she said.

“LSQ is proud to provide this collaborative platform to help diversify and strengthen the biosciences industry in Australia and internationally, nurturing our members’ and others’ potential to feed, fuel and heal the world.”

Keynote speakers at the Summit include Queensland Chief Scientist Professor Paul Bertsch, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp and Queensland’s Biofutures Industry Envoy Professor Ian O’Hara.

The Summit is set to close out Bio Innovation Week — a series of coordinated events held across Queensland, showcasing the role of innovation derived from life sciences R&D and the contribution it makes to the wellbeing of our state.

Bio Innovation Week is being delivered by Life Sciences Queensland in partnership with Bioenergy Australia.

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