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Institutional Biosafety Committee

Increasingly, leading-edge, first-in-man therapeutic research is being performed in Australia making use of the high-tech facilities and world class expertise. It was for this reason, that Australia’s first independent Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) was established by Queensland Clinical Trials Network (QCTN), now known as, Life Sciences Queensland Limited in 2006. Organisations who are accredited to deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must have access to an IBC, must approve a GMO licence prior to submitting to the Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR).

Full support is offered by the LSQ IBC through the OGTR review process including but not limited to:

Reviewing applications to administer Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to human volunteers as part of authorised clinical trials in Australia.
Assisting in responding to OGTR questions throughout the review process.
If required, arranging certification of facilities to specified physical containment levels.
Supporting pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies with commercial distribution licence applications (DNIR or DIR) at the discretion of LSQ IBC.

Why choose LSQ’s IBC?
IBC reviews performed monthly
Fast and easy contract process
Low transparent pricing
First independant IBC in Australia

Our Team
Clare Blain
LSQ CEO and IBC Executive Secretary
Adrian Herington
IBC Chair
Ben Hughes
Director Strategic Development
David Hughes
Facilities Person
Dianne Jackson-Matthews
Jane Jacobs
Independent Person
Pamela Pollock
Molecular Biologist