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360biolabs is a contract service organisation providing specialist expertise and laboratory services for the development of new therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics in a quality-assured environment. Diverse range of assays and biomarker endpoints for clinical trials and preclinical studies in many therapeutic areas Expertise in virology, immunology and analytical chemistry. World-class facilities with BSL-2, BSL-3 & quarantine laboratories > Quality management systems to ensure that “every sample counts”
Experienced, tailored consulting in Research, Development and Innovation. We have been engaged with the Australian research ecosystem for over 20 years and understand the research funding landscape and the industry. Our consultants have advanced qualifications in their research field, experience working in that field, as well as consulting, business, legal and/or governance experience. Our combination of technical and business skills are critical to our approach. We prioritise positive, timely and accurate communication and high quality outputs.
ACYTE Biotech Pty Ltd is an Australian-based biotech company specializing in proprietary technologies in mammalian cell engineering and cell culture. We aim to reduce bottlenecks in early stage biopharmaceutical development by providing a suite of SuperCHO® technologies to streamline the path from discovery to clinic.
Aegros provides access to life saving therapeutic plasma drugs. Our mission is to put the patient first through innovation and we do thanks to the Australian invented HaemaFrac®, Aegros' unique electroseparation process. Our TGA GMP-approved plasma fractionation manufactures a hyperimmune immunoglobulin product against Covid-19, made from convalescent plasma. Aegros is undertaking the final precommercial phase of a clinical trial of our Covid-19 hyperimmune. Aegros is establshing a new facility in BioPark Australia.
Agilex Biolabs offers a range of toxicology services to support preclinical through to early/late-phase clinical programs through TetraQ, an established GLP facility located in Brisbane, Australia. These services include exploratory toxicology and pharmacokinetics studies, and GLP toxicology services. We have expertise with all types of molecules, laboratory species, routes of administration, and non-clinical studies.
Alliance Pharma is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and bioanalytical services for both small and large molecules. It is our goal to help you through the process of taking your drug from pre-clinical/clinical trials to market as fast and as problem-free as possible.
AnteoTech are an Australian public company headquartered in Brisbane. Our patented metal-ion-based technology is applied to improve the performance of next-generation lithium-ion batteries and in the development of diagnostic solutions in Life Sciences.
Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX: AVR) is a structural heart company committed to designing, developing and commercialising innovative medical devices. Our lead technology is DurAVRTM Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV) for the treatment of aortic stenosis. Designed in partnership with the world’s leading interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, DurAVR™ THV uses a single piece of bioengineered tissue, resulting in a biomimetic valve uniquely shaped to mimic the performance of a healthy, human aortic valve.
Aptium3D is an innovative startup pioneering 3D healthcare technologies based on scientific research
Audeara is a global hearing health leader specialized in innovative listening solutions for people with hearing challenges. We are passionate about redefining hearing health, with a particular focus on delivering products that provide world-class tailored listening experiences. All Audeara products are proudly designed and engineered in Australia.
The leading Australian industry body representing and advocating for organisations doing business in and with the global life sciences economy.
AusTrials is a leading private clinical research organisation, with dedicated and managed research sites in Australia. We are leaders in delivering phase II-IV interventional studies, capturing real world evidence and conducting observational research in the usual clinical setting.
The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology is an integrated multidisciplinary research institute bringing together world-class researchers and cutting-edge technology with a focus on translational research.
The principal goal of Avatar is to provide specialist insurance broking services to companies that develop innovative technology. Our key advantage is objective, in-depth research on industry-specific exposures. Avatar acts for 36% of the ASX listed Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences sector. They are the market leader in placement for emerging risks70% of their client base is derived from technology, life sciences, green energy & related service providers.
BDO Australia has offices around Australia with people experienced in a broad range of services and industries. We offer leading accountancy, tax and advisory services to clients Australia-wide.
Bne Enterprise is an independent organisation which promotes BNE as a business network hub where enterprise is encouraged and knowledge is shared. We create value for our Members by expanding and promoting business to business opportunities.
Bellaseno is a clinical-stage medical device company focusing on regenerative implants produced by additive manufacturing across multiple structural tissue reconstruction applications. BellaSeno develops fully resorbable implants that support the growth of natural tissue and get absorbed over time. BellaSeno’s innovative technology platform provide broad-spectrum design & manufacturing possibilities to provide a step change in multiple healthcare segments.
Bellberry Limited is a national, private not-for-profit organisation providing streamlined scientific and ethical review of human research projects across Australia.
Beyond is an integrated product development team dedicated to early-stage product development, focusing primarily on advancing innovative products from small to medium biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. As an Australian privately owned company, we provide flexible and nimble solutions to match the needs of our clients, whether it is a stand-alone activity or a full suite of services.
BiVACOR® is a privately held company founded in 2008.The BiVACOR is a total artificial heart designed to take over the complete function of a patient’s failing heart. The BiVACOR TAH is designed to be a long-term device that can replace the total function of the patient’s native heart.
BioBandage, a venom-activated hydrogel hemostatic agent for use in non-compressible truncal wounds on the battlefield - a leading cause of preventable death. Developed at UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology by Professor Alan Rowan and Dr Amanda Kijas, together with UQ School of Biomedical Sciences’ Professor Mark Midwinter.
BioCifer’s breakthrough sample preparation reagent facilitates accurate sample analysis and testing, through a simple three step protocol. No magnetic beads, no spin columns, no elution. Just mix, hold for five to ten minutes at room temperature, and your sample is ready. TNA-Cifer Reagent E is developed, tested and manufactured in Australia  to meet the needs of a wide range of highly sensitive downstream molecular applications in pathology testing and diagnostics.
BioPacific Partners is a life science consultancy with global insights and networks to bring innovation across Australia and New Zealand to the world stage. With our strong scientific knowledge and business acumen, we are able to identify, assess, and triage opportunities to grow your company.
BioPharma Excellence by Pharmalex works closely with biopharma businesses, international regulators and health authorities, and potential investors, to confidently optimize the market potential of cutting-edge biotech innovation. Their team is a fusion of three scientific powerhouses, Pharmalex, ERA Consulting and Biopharma Excellence – under the PharmaLex brand. We combine 35+ years of empirical experience and respected regulator relationships.
Bionics Queensland connects great ideas with great minds – we bring scientists, researchers, healthcare consumers, clinicians and investors together to take bionic innovations to the next level.
Bioproton is a developer and manufacturer of enzymes, probiotics, toxin binders, surfactants and other high-quality feed additives. We have sales in over 45 countries and are committed to evolving via innovative research and development that delivers novel products for the growing global feed market.
Biosy Solutions was incorporated on Jul 01 2021 as an Australian Private Company,Limited by Shares registered in Australia. The company's status is listed as " Active" now.Biopsy Solutions Pty Ltd has been operating for 1 years 11 months, and 0 days.
A privately held consulting business helping researchers, industry and elected officials address strategic issues in life sciences innovation.
Bond University has always dared to be different. Our founders’ vision was to create a bold educational experience that opened new doors to opportunities and transformed the career trajectories of its graduates. Bond was envisioned as a place where all students could learn from world-class industry leaders, be personally mentored by their teachers, and have access to cutting-edge technologies, equipment and resources.
Brandon Capital is Australasia's leading life science venture capital firm, with a strong global presence supported by key partnerships and team members across the US and UK.
Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) drives the sustainable economic growth of the city.  As Brisbane’s champion, BEDA works closely with government and private sector organisations to enhance and promote the city’s reputation globally and drive demand for Brisbane.
CAD-IT Australia supports the life science community and is driven by a clear goal: to redefine possibilities. Our expertise lies in tailor-made digital solutions, carefully crafted to tackle the specific challenges of the sector.
Our formal name is Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd (QCGO) but everyone knows us as CANEGROWERS. We have been advancing and protecting the interests of cane farming families in Queensland since 1926. CANEGROWERS is a not-for-profit public company providing a professional and cohesive voice for the members of 13 local grower companies, located in all of the sugarcane regions of Queensland.
CARP’s goal is to: develop therapeutics that can stop cancers before they start develop drugs that will target most cancers develop therapeutics that will combat other ageing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis.fundamental core of all cancers -genetic instability. By looking at the genetic code we are identifying the genes that never change when cancer develops, for it is these genes that allow the cancer to develop and survive.
CCRM Australia is the Australian Hub of the highly successful Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine in Canada (CCRM). Established as a not-for-profit with a national focus, CCRM Australia’s mission is to address bottlenecks in the translation and commercialisation of regenerative medicine discoveries in Australia
CROW Clinical is a full service and tailorable Clinical Research Organization servicing Australia and New Zealand. We are the only CRO that offers a dedicated team of Field Clinical Engineers. We specialize in high tech medical device start ups and CROW Clinical is the experts for Med Tech and Biotech clinical trials. We pride ourselves on tailoring a specific service, so you only pay for exactly what you need. We are a premier Clinical Research Organization without the huge price tag.
Canaria Technologies is a market leader in Predictive Biometrics Systems, providing non-invasive wearable devices powered by proprietary biometric algorithms to predict and prevent Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress. We are working with the world's biggest companies across the global resources sector, allowing technology and safety to come together in life-threatening situations.
Canary provides Product Development and Global Regulatory Affairs strategic advice and operational support to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices sectors to expedite registration and commercialisation.
Cannatrek is a market leader in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry. As a vertically integrated, fully licenced medicinal cannabis enterprise, Cannatrek cultivates, manufactures and distributes premium plant-based therapies, from seed to patient. Cannatrek strives to improve the lives of patients with chronic conditions by providing affordable access to safe, compliant, reliable medicines.
Carpe Vitae Pharmaceuticals specializes in developing drugs that target novel DNA damage response mechanisms. Their lead program, DRpin (CPV003), utilizes a platform technology for rational drug design to target transcription factors in cancer treatment. The first drug in this program, DRpin-Myc, focuses on Myc, a well-known cancer driver present in 70% of human cancers. Preclinical studies have shown promising results, and it is expected to enter Phase 1 trials by late 2024. Carpe Vitae is also exploring other drugs from the DRpin platform that target different transcription factors, with preclinical testing underway.
Carsinosa is developing a first-in-class oral small molecule drug to be used in the treatment of a range of difficult-to-treat cancers including metastatic prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancer. This is based on research initiated at University of Queensland’s Frazer Institute and progressed in collaboration with Queensland Emory Drug Discovery Initiative (QEDDI). The CUREator program will support the optimisation of candidates to allow for in vivo validation.
Cassowary Pharma is developing a treatment of neuropathic pain, which is often poorly alleviated by current medications. This builds on research from University of Queensland’s Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Science and the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), led by Prof Trent Munro. The CUREator program will support the discovery of new agents suitable for further development.
Catalan Group is a unique science communication organisation with a twist. Instead of acting as a reporter for science news, we interpret your science stories and work together with scientists, researchers, technical professionals, and start-ups to enable them to present their own science to wider audiences.
Clinials is an AI-Driven clinical trial participant recruitment platform. We help researchers and pharmaceutical companies find eligible and engaged participants for their trials. Born in Brisbane, Australia – the world’s test bed for clinical trials, Clinials has global experience with clinical trial recruitment. .
Clinical Network Services is an integrated service group based in Australia with global offices. They specialize in product development, supporting small to medium biotech companies by expediting their early-stage products through clinical trials and the marketplace. With BioDesk consultancy, they provide intelligent global product development and regulatory affairs support, combined with their experienced clinical services and biometrics team in Australia and New Zealand, offering a comprehensive and efficient service.
Concr is a value-driven techbio company, applying statistical learning and advanced modelling adopted from astrophysics to aid in precision treatment of cancer patients. Our individualised online platform, FarrSight™, allows you to store, manage and analyse your data in the same place, easily generating meaningful actionable insights for cost-effective drug development and patient treatment.
Convergence brings together decades of research from over 10 global companies to develop the world's first arthroscopic surgical robot. Arthroscopy is a common procedure making up over 50% of orthopaedic operations treating up to 3.3m patients per year. Whilst this surgical technique is common and considered best practice, it is an area with minimal innovation and extensive complications (seen in around 40% of cases - 1 million patients per year).
Cook Medical develops and sells minimally invasive medical devices since 1963.Our products, manufactured in North America, Europe and Australia, are sold and delivered to 135 countries, serving almost every system in the human body and every area of the hospital. We have more than 10,000 employees globally who are all dedicated to delivering clinically effective options to physicians and better healthcare to the patients we serve.
Cool Beans is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to boost sperm health and improve the likelihood of conception for couples. As a medical device entered into the Therapeutic Goods Administration Registrar (ARTG 379655), our underwear finally involves men in the conception journey, empowering them to play an active role in building and expanding their family.
Coral Sea Clinical Research Institute is a clinical research facility in Northern Queensland. Specialising in Phase II and III Gastroenterology trials, Coral Sea Clinical Research Institute work alongside a team of leading, internationally recognised Gastroenterologists to deliver high quality clinical trials. At Coral Sea Clinical Research Institute, our core mission is to enable patients living in regional Queensland to have access to clinical trial therapies.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth provide legal services across the full spectrum of matters, including major transactions, projects and significant disputes, offering strategic advice on our clients’ most challenging issues.
Cullens are patent and trademark attorneys, providing a range of commercially focused services to meet all intellectual property needs, for businesses operating in the physical marketplace or online.
Cyteph is a clinical-stage spin-out company from QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute raising capital to further develop an allogeneic Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-specific T cell therapy for glioblastoma (GBM) and CAR-T cell platform for solid tumours. The CAR-T platform leverages the unique properties of CMV specific T-cells to overcome the challenges with safety, efficacy and persistence that current CAR-T therapies have faced in clinical development.
Cytiva are a global provider of technologies and services that advances and accelerates the development, manufacture, and delivery of therapeutics. We’re bringing together a wealth of technical expertise and talent, broad and deep portfolio, and exceptional service to help researchers and biopharma advance therapeutics at every stage: from discovery to delivery.
Danbar Consulting works with Universities, Research Institutes, Government and the Private Sector to plan and deliver projects that create significant social, economic and opportunity value with a focus on Life Sciences, Health and Education sectors.
Datarwe is a clinical Data-as-a-Service provider operating as a public:private collaboration between healthcare providers and leading healthcare ecosystem partners. We are united by the challenge of revolutionising medicine through enhanced real world clinical data access. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and clinicians are passionate about increasing the adoption of medical AI innovation to the patient bedside and beyond.
Dave Collison Cave provide patent, trademark, design and copyright, commercialisation, privacy and data protection and services in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the ASEAN region.
De Motu Cordis is a clinical based start up based in Brisbane that is developing a product platform for the emergency treatment of life-threatening conditions. DMC have developed a needle-free drug device combination for the immediate treatment of anaphalaxis.
Deloitte has a dedicated life sciences and health team. They strive to support clients in addressing the challenges of today’s life sciences and health care industry. We engage design, digital and data to help clients develop innovative business and digital solutions.
Our department recognises the enormous value a clean environment, innovative society and economy, and vibrant culture contributes to our lives. As a diverse organisation, the department brings together key areas of work to achieve our objectives for a better Queensland.
DoseMe is the first company in the world to offer precision dosing software specifically developed for clinical use at the point of care. The DoseMeRx platform significantly improves dosing accuracy and patient outcomes by providing realtime dose-related decision support to enable precision medicine using readily available patient data.
EY helps clients create long-term value for all stakeholders. Enabled by data and technology, our services and solutions provide trust through assurance and help clients transform, grow and operate.
Eevi is a leading provider of care technology solutions, supporting senior living with a diverse product portfolio that offers peace of mind and independence to customers and their families, serving over 10,000 lives across Australia through research-led design and innovative cloud-based technology, including 24/7 emergency care support, driven by a commitment to enabling better living and making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.
Emerson has the automation expertise and technology to solve your greatest cGMP manufacturing challenges and create effective solutions for improving your data management, real-time product quality, reliability, and operating costs
FB Rice is a top tier leading Australian Intellectual Property firm with offices across the country and an established presence across New Zealand and South-East Asia. They extend advice beyond a pure IP focus to a more strategic, commercial level.
Field Orthopaedics which has designed orthopaedic implants such as the Microscrew and Nx Nail to repair complex fractures of the hand.
Fitgenes is a trusted supplier of DNA-based health and wellness products to more than 1000 certified, independent health practitioners globally. ‘Fitgenes’ products unlock your DNA and provide the ultimate in personalised health, helping practitioners determine your precise dietary needs based on how you were made.
Insect Specific Flavivirus Platform is a recombinant platform for flavivirus vaccines and diagnostics using chimeras of a new insect-specific virus.
Fovero Therapeutics are developing fully human anti-Galectin-9 (GAL9) monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with a novel immune-synapse stabilising mechanism. Our GAL9 mAbs increase antigen-specific CD8+ T-cell activation and dendritic cell function, while simultaneously reducing regulatory T-cell-mediated immune-suppression, to generate strong anti-tumour immunity in pre-clinical models of colorectal and breast cancer.
Gadens is a full service commercial law firm committed to legal excellence. Gadens are well-known and respected in the Australian market as a leading provider of legal services and recognised as a leading firm for advisory, transaction and disputes work across an extensive number of market segments and industry specialisations including life sciences. Many of our lawyers have scientific and commercial backgrounds with extensive experience working with organisations engaged in research and development and commercialisation
Gelomics enables scientists to grow human tissues in a petri dish which serve as a superior alternative to animal testing in biomedical research and development. We offer a simple-to-use solution for a significant ethical and practical challenge in biomedical research and development
Gertrude Biomedical is a private, early-stage biotechnology company developing small molecule inhibitors to SOX18, a unique drug target with significant commercial and clinical potential. ​ The Gertrude Biomedical team combines expertise in SOX18 biology, medicinal chemistry, drug development and the clinical application.
The Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct is a global business destination recognised for transforming lives through healthcare innovation, new knowledge and next-generation technologies.
Graphics et al. offers subscription software for creating scientifically accurate images and animations without the need for a graphic designer. Their user-friendly interface and extensive library of over 10,000 digital assets enable users to create visually stunning diagrams and automations quickly. Their mission is to simplify scientific communication for all users. They cater to various industries, including healthcare, clinical trials, scientific manufacturing, medtech, laboratory training, and research.
Graythan Regulatory Services’ purpose is to add value to their clients’ drug development programs by providing services in the fields of drug development, program management, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and gene therapy applications.
Griffith Hack are leading attorneys, specialising in intellectual property, trademarks & patents. Griffith Hack advises small enterprises, big corporations, individual investors, universities and research institutions.
Griffith University is ranked amongst the top 3% of universities globally, and has over 50,000 students spread across 5 campuses. Griffith’s health and bioscience research institutes collaborate with industry and public health sectors to deliver global benefits through outcomes such as novel drug leads, vaccines for combating infectious diseases, and healthy living programs.
Compounds Australia, located within the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, provides cost-effective sample management and logistics throughout the drug discovery pipeline. By securely storing and curating sample libraries, we allow translational health researchers worldwide to outsource their sample and natural product logistics and focus on results.
The Menzies Health Institute Queensland (MHIQ) conducts research to understand health factors and develop strategies for improving wellbeing. Their three programs focus on Disability and Rehabilitation, Healthcare Practice and Survivorship, and Infectious Diseases and Immunology, aligning with health priorities. With additional resources like a Clinical Trial Unit, Gold Coast BioBank, and expertise in biostatistics and health economics, MHIQ emphasizes innovation, research translation, and collaborations with clinical and community partners. Their aim is to enhance health and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.
Griffith University's Clinical Trial Unit, located within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct and adjacent to the Gold Coast University Hospital, provides state-of-the-art facilities and professional coordination services to phase I-IV clinical trials. Supporting university staff and collaborators to conduct a wide range of trials, but also offering professional clinical trial site services to commercial clients such as global pharma, contract research organisations and the biotech and nutraceutical industry.
Ground Zero Pharmaceuticals is an as an integrated consulting firm. GZP provides its clients with expert strategic and tactical guidance – with an eye toward the global regulatory gold standard, the US FDA – to help develop their products, build their firms, set the appropriate priorities from their pipelines, obtain marketing approvals and pursue postmarketing activities. They have offices in have offices in Irvine, California, USA; Brisbane, Australia; and Melbourne, Australia, with associates throughout the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and Sweden.
Health Translation Queensland provides a platform for greater integration and collaboration between clinicians, educators, researchers, academics, policy makers and health consumers. As an NHMRC accredited Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre, we work to mobilise research into clinical practice, and support health system and business transformation.
Hear and Say is Queensland’s specialised provider of audiology and speech pathology for all people with hearing loss. We operate state-wide and support people of all ages – from newborn babies, to toddlers, school age children and adults.
IP Group was set up with a mission to evolve great ideas, mainly from partner universities, into world-changing businesses. IP Group aims to create, build and support outstanding intellectual property-based companies. IP Group Australia has partnered with the region’s leading universities, superannuation funds, and corporates to provide us with an unrivalled platform of science, capital, and expertise from which to build world-class companies.
IP Gateway provides timely intellectual property solutions for local clients in Australia, and effective representation for international clients seeking to protect their intellectual property in Australia. Areas of expertise include patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyright.
IP Group was set up with a mission to evolve great ideas, mainly from partner universities, into world-changing businesses. IP Group aims to create, build and support outstanding intellectual property-based companies. IP Group Australia has partnered with the region’s leading universities, superannuation funds, and corporates to provide us with an unrivalled platform of science, capital, and expertise from which to build world-class companies.
Icon Group operates Australia’s largest private cancer clinical trials program with a growing reach globally. provide patients and clinicians with access to national and international clinical trials across medical oncology, haematology and radiation oncology, as well as unique Icon Investigator-Initiated trials. Icon is proud to operate the largest Phase I clinical trials program and has continued to lead the way in first in-human trials helping to evolve the future of cancer treatments.
Immunexpress is developing technology to accurately rule-in or rule-out sepsis in patients suspected of infection. Lack of reliable diagnostics leads to the over-treatment of sepsis, creating an overwhelming burden to healthcare systems, hospitals, clinicians, nurses, payers and antibiotic stewardship efforts. Our goal is to transform sepsis diagnostics by providing clinicians with the technology to rapidly enable and confidently make the right treatment decisions.
Impact Innovation are an award-winning team specialising in innovation and commercialisation throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
Implicit Bioscience is a Brisbane- and Seattle-based biotech company developing a first-in-class biologic drug in the new field of immunoneurology. lead therapeutic candidate IC14 is an investigational anti-CD14 monoclonal antibodyIC14 regulates pathogenic inflammatory responses to infection and injury, and has great potential across a variety of disease areas. Right now, we are focused on testing its efficacy in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND) or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Infensa has a unique portfolio of peptide drugs that protect neurons and heart muscle cells from ischemic injury. Most treatments being developed for MI and stroke attempt to minimise or restore damaged tissue after the event, rather than minimising the initial tissue injury.
The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) is a renowned global leader in multidisciplinary life sciences research. With a team of 500 researchers from around the world, IMB focuses on disease discovery, application, and sustainable futures. Their research has resulted in the creation of 12 successful spin-out companies, generating international impact and attracting substantial investments to Queensland. IMB is a preferred partner for national and international pharmaceutical, biotech, and agricultural companies, leading to significant collaborations, including Australia's largest biotech deal and contributing to 50% of UQ's patent income.The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) is a renowned global leader in multidisciplinary life sciences research. With a team of 500 researchers from around the world, IMB focuses on disease discovery, application, and sustainable futures. Their research has resulted in the creation of 12 successful spin-out companies, generating international impact and attracting substantial investments to Queensland. IMB is a preferred partner for national and international pharmaceutical, biotech, and agricultural companies, leading to significant collaborations, including Australia's largest biotech deal and contributing to 50% of UQ's patent income.
Intellect Labs helps ambitious businesses with R&D Tax Incentive, Patent Box, Grant Strategy and IP centric projects across the medtech, biotech, food and beverage, recycling and manufacturing industries. We collaborate with an expandable network of IP experts to assist our clients to leverage the ideas and products they develop.
IntelliHQ (Intelligent Health Queensland) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to establishing and supporting an innovation hub designed to promote research, investment and commercialisation of next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, concentrated within the health sector.
Intergyre is a uniquely independent energy company. We support the journey to a stable, dependable, net zero energy system through delivering the flexible electricity solutions that underpin it. Our power stations provide secure, flexible energy to consumers, and help the grid to take on more and more renewables.
The Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) is a flagship research institute of James Cook University based in the tropics of northern Australia. Australia’s only dedicated tropical health and medicine research institute, AITHM is focussed on solving problems of importance to the tropics, leading to improvements in health systems and healthcare delivery, improved biosecurity, and enhanced health outcomes for Australians and our neighbouring tropical nations.
James Cook University (JCU) is one of the world’s leading institutions focusing on the tropics. With main campuses in the tropical cities of Townsville, Cairns and Singapore, JCU’s teaching and research are shaped by the university’s presence in Asia and its proximity to the wet tropics, dry savannahs and iconic great Barrier Reef. JCU’s focus is on the health, environment and populations of tropical regions. JCU has the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine and the Queensland Tropical Health Alliance.
James & Wells experience ranges from managing large IP portfolios for international corporations, right through to protecting the ideas of start-ups, and everything in between.
Jetra Therapeutics Pty Ltd is developing a treatment with the potential to reverse liver damage caused by Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The company was founded on intellectual property developed at the Mater Research Institute (MRI-UQ) and licensed by UQ’s commercialisation company, UniQuest.
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