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Luina Bio – Creating the Medicines of the Future

Luina Bio’s business is ‘heavily into science’ which is why multinationals, bio techs and start-ups from all over the world seek their expertise to create the medicines of the future according to Dr Tim Evans, Head of Science and Technology, Luina Bio.

Dr Evans said Luina Bio makes drug development easier for customers across the bio pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary pharmaceutical industries.

“Not dissimilar from brewing beer everything starts with fermentation and Luina Bio’s secret of success has been to streamline the complex biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

“The material we make is mainly for early clinical trials – medicines that have never been made before, at any scale.

“We create a bespoke solution which unlocks new possibilities for our clients and ultimately improves lives,” Dr Evans said.

Based in Darra, Dr Evans and Life Sciences Queensland CEO, Clare Blain introduced local Federal Member for Oxley Milton Dick MP to the Luina Bio team. Together they showcased the manufacture of recombinant proteins, vaccines and live bio-therapeutics for human and veterinary use.

Milton Dick said Luina Bio is an absolute world leader in live bio-therapeutics manufacturing.

“It is not hard to understand why Luina Bio is a great Australia success story. Over 95% of their 75 strong team are degree qualified including 8 PhDs.

“No wonder companies from across Europe, America and Asia seek them out. They manufacture material not very many people around the world can manufacture for clinical trials through to Phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical studies.

“I’m so keen to assist such a high performing business go to the next level,” Mr Dick said.

Life Sciences Queensland’s Clare Blain said there are so many big players down in Victoria and NSW but at the moment all the innovation is coming from Queensland companies like Luina Bio.

“Luina Bio offers quality, rapid and cost-effective solutions from the Bench to Clinic and then from the Clinic to Market,” Ms Blain said.

Dr Evans said Luina Bio’s future is bright as we develop our capability including the establishment of a greenfield site to manufacture live microbial biotherapeutic products.

“This plant will have a number of medium to large scale fermenters and its own dedicated purification and freeze drying train.

“This will allow Luina Bio to be faster and more responsive to our customers development needs,” Dr Evans said.

Case Study Parties

Dr Tim Evans Head of Science and Technology
Luina Bio
Milton Dick MP Federal Member for Oxley
Clare Blain CEO
Life Sciences Queensland Ltd