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Ellume’s investment in health pays off with $304m US Government contract to fight pandemics

Despite advances in modern medicine, infectious diseases such as COVID-19 will continue to pose significant threats to humanity according to Dr Sean Parsons, Managing Director and Founder of digital diagnostic manufacturer Ellume.

Dr Parsons said Ellume develops, manufactures, and commercialises next generation digital diagnostic products for healthcare professionals and consumers.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the critical role of rapid, accurate diagnostics testing to reduce disease burden, manage outbreaks, minimise community transmission and reduce pressure on healthcare system.

“Our COVID-19 rapid home testing kit pairs a nasal swab with a smartphone app which can display results within 15 minutes,” Dr Parsons said.

Based in the Brisbane suburb of Richlands, Ellume’s home grown inventiveness and technology has secured a contract with the US Department of Defence worth $304 million (AUS). The contract includes the delivery of 8.5 million Ellume COVID-19 Home Tests and, the establishment of a new manufacturing facility in Maryland, USA.

Touring the Richlands site, local Federal Member for Oxley, Milton Dick said Ellume is an amazing Queensland and an Australian advanced manufacturing success story.

“It’s a credit to Dr Parsons, and his team, on developing an accessible rapid antigen diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals and consumers to fight this pandemic and any future pandemic.

“To see first-hand Ellume’s healthcare outcomes, the creation of quality jobs and the massive export opportunities, right here in the electorate of Oxley is a wonderful thing.

“I’m 100% behind Ellume’s vision to create a world where people return to health as soon as possible,” Mr Dick said.

Life Sciences Queensland Chair, Dr Christine Williams said Ellume has manufactured a best-in-class rapid antigen test that can be bought over-the-counter which is exactly what is required in a health crisis.

“In my view, Ellume is the way of the future. Using high tech to identify a problem quickly and accurately which then allows appropriate action to take place supported by the timely medical advice,” Dr Williams said.

Using high tech to identify a problem quickly and accurately which then allows appropriate action to take place supported by the timely medical advice.

Dr Parsons said home testing for the virus will play a key role in returning to some kind of normality including avoiding lockdown situations and keeping borders open.

“We must develop strategies for the new normal of living with COVID and the role of rapid, accurate diagnostics has never been more important.

“The reality is vaccine hesitancy, amongst a percentage of the population, is here to stay and Ellume’s rapid diagnostic products can provide an alternative way to manage COVID-19 in the long term.

“By downloading the App, people can have an instant result.  If positive, they are directed to telemedicine services through their phone and health authorities can then deploy effective drug treatments, potentially all without leaving their home.

“Ellume’s digital technology creates a faster, simpler, safer and more accurate way to diagnose illness, control disease spread and link people to the right health treatments,” Dr Parsons said.

Ms Clare Blain, CEO, Life Sciences Queensland said Ellume is a fantastic example of a Life Sciences Queensland member delivering for Australia and internationally.

“It’s imperative we support such an inspiring company to improve healthcare outcomes for individuals, their families, and their communities whilst creating the jobs of the future,” Ms Blain said.

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