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Bio Innovation Week shines a spotlight on Toowoomba’s bioscience potential

Key industry stakeholders from across the globe will tour Pyrocal CCT Gasification System and Oakey Beef Exports in Toowoomba today to discuss key development and collaboration opportunities within the region.

The visit brings together the bio-science industry and local change-makers to discuss the use of bio-technology, particularly bioenergy, waste to energy, biocomposites, food production and processing, as a key component in local infrastructure and biodiversity process development.

Life Sciences Queensland (LSQ) Deputy CEO, Nagaraj Gopisetty, who is hosting the international visitors, said the visit is an opportunity for local businesses and other stakeholders to build relationships with key international industry stakeholders.

“Our visit to Toowoomba will provide a platform for change-makers from across the globe to share strategic advice, and rally for vital developments and innovation opportunities within the fast-growing region,” he said.

“With a growing agriculture industry worth more than $650 million in 2015-16, Toowoomba has transformed its agricultural base into a strong and diverse economy, providing numerous opportunities to explore how biotechnology can play a part in ensuring its ecological sustainability.”

The industry stakeholders are in town for Queensland’s Bio Innovation Week — a series of coordinated events held across the state, showcasing the role of innovation in life sciences and its contribution to the wellbeing of Queenslanders.

Bio Innovation Week is being delivered by LSQ in partnership with Bioenergy Australia, with events running from 10 to 15 November.

Dr Gopisetty will attend the Bio Innovation Week Toowoomba Regional Council site visit, alongside key international delegates.

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