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2020-30 Strategic Plan

GROWTH Doubling the economic, social and environmental impact of Queensland’s life sciences industry.

Life Sciences Queensland Limited (LSQ) has cemented its role as the One Voice of the life sciences industry in Queensland. As a thought leader, we have successfully catalysed the industry to focus on economic, social and environmental outcomes for the state. We are highly regarded both nationally and internationally, and seen as a partner of choice by business and industry, service providers and governments.

By thinking boldly but pragmatically, we are well positioned to harness biotech opportunities to meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing world.
The life sciences sector in Queensland employs approximately 9,440 people across biomedical, agricultural, environmental and industrial biotechnology sectors, and its activities contribute $1.44 billion in gross value add to the Queensland economy¹.

The ongoing challenge will be to realise the potential economic impact for Queensland through the continual commercialisation of research, the growth of existing business across the state, and the attraction of new businesses offering new partnering opportunities and global markets.


LSQ catalyses life sciences capabilities to advance humanity, protect our environment and deliver lasting economic impact in Queensland.


An outcomes-driven life sciences sector that has doubled in size in terms of jobs and dollar value by 2030.


An outcomes-driven life sciences sector that has doubled in size in terms of jobs and dollar value by 2030.


Growing a bright future for life sciences in Queensland.
To achieve our vision, we will embrace five Priority Pathways supported by Flagship projects that will drive a new future, not only for the life sciences industry itself, but to address real challenges and opportunities across the Queensland economy.  LSQ is committed to this new future. We will live by our values, and proactively work with existing partners and seek out new players to deliver on the five Priority Pathways and the Flagship action plans. In doing this, we will embrace operational excellence within LSQ itself.

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