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Friday, 26 May 2017
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Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) 

Working through QCTN, LSQ is able to provide the service of a Human Reserch Ethics Committee (HREC).
HRECs are an important component of all research involving humans in Australia and are the Australian equivalent of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the USA.
To ensure efficiency in undertaking and administering clinical trials in Australia, QCTN has an independent HREC focussed on the needs of Members and sponsors seeking to undertake trials in Australia.

The functions of this HREC are to:

-     Consider the ethical implications of proposed human research with participants proposed by collaborating organisations and investigators and to advise these organisations and investigators of the ethical acceptability of these proposals;
-     Monitor experiments involving human research to completion to ensure compliance with approved ethical standards;
-     Maintain a register of experiments, in sufficient detail, to provide for adequate monitoring; and
-     Establish and maintain communication with appropriate health and ethics committees. 

For more information on HREC Services please click here.


Institutional Bio-safety Committee (IBC)

Increasingly, leading-edge, first-in-man therapeutic research is being performed in Australia making use of the high-tech facilities and world class expertise. It was for this reason, that Australia’s first independent Institutional Bio-safety Committee (IBC) was established by QCTN to assist Members and sponsors undertake early clinical research involving genetically-modified (GM) products. LSQ now manages this IBC service.

Role of IBC:

-     To review applications to administer Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to human volunteers as part of authorised clinical trials in Australia (as exempted or notified under the Therapeutic Goods Act, 1989)
-     To support pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies with commercial distribution licence applications (DNIR or DIR) at the discretion of QCTN and IBC
-     If required, to arrange certification of facilities to specified physical containment levels

For more information on the IBC please click here.