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Thursday, 24 January 2019
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I-20 2014: Brisbane, Australia

The inaugural I-20 was held in Brisbane on the eve of the G20 Leaders’ Summit on Friday, 14th November, 2014. The international forum brought together two hundred of the world's leading innovators and thought leaders at Brisbane's iconic City Hall to discuss how they and their respective governments and stakeholder communities can ensure that innovation becomes an integral component of economic, social and public development, globally. 

With an opening sequence that featured a moving welcome to country, and stirring didgeridoo music by world acclaimed William Barton, the forum featured an outstanding line-up of international speakers from Australia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, Mexico, Russia and the US.; across a range of topics which included stimulating research, sustainability, R&D breakthroughs and challenges and investment strategies and access to capital. 

The opening also included a call to action by Australia's Prime Minister – the Hon. Tony Abbott MP followed by the formal welcome address provided by The Hon Bob Baldwin MP, officially representing the Hon Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia.
Mr Baldwin spoke passionately; "without innovation, the great discoveries made through research and development will not be brought to fruition, to benefit the G20 nations by accelerating economic growth."

"Whether it be medicine, in food production, in manufacturing or in mining, developments in life sciences have the potential to drive the innovations that will improve both our economic outcomes and our quality of life, he said.

"In reviewing the themes set out for today’s plenaries it was encouraging to see that they cover not only the development of innovative ideas, devices and processes, but the application of these developments - with, for example, translation from the laboratory to clinical practice sometimes taking up to 15 years."

I-20's audience reflected a broad spectrum of the innovation industry, and focus and engagement was palpable when it came to panel question times throughout the day.

Successful innovation not only affects all knowledge based industries, but is essential all businesses that are looking to grow and increase productivity. Leading nations around the world are establishing innovation systems - to become more competitive, expanding support for science and technology and improving their education, entrepreneurial and talent-development systems.

This important dialogue around innovation as a driver of economic and social outcomes, must continue in order to identify and illustrate future opportunities for growth and cooperation amongst nations in the innovation industry.

LSQ has worked with counterparts at the Government of the Republic of Turkey - whom were “handed” the I-20 initiative at the event in Brisbane – to ensure that this year, the forum's initiative and value is compounded, to ultimately become a part of the G20 program.

This year I-20 will be an official part of the G20 program under the auspices of Think-20 Turkey. Think-20 (T20) is a network of premier think tanks from the G20 economies and is as an outreach group of the G20. T20 produces ideas to help the G20 on delivering concrete and sustainable policy measures and serves as an "ideas bank" for G20 policy-makers. T20 recently published a paper about the importance of science, technology and innovation in G20 countries, acknowledging Innovation-20 as an effort to put innovation on the G20 agenda. This paper is available on the T20 website here.