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Sunday, 24 March 2019
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Ernst & Young Report - University of the future 2012 Ernst and Young 12/03/2014 12:23 PM
New draft guidance on clinical trial insurance in the UK to accelerate ethics committees, says Government LSQ 2/08/2012 9:10 AM
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Less regulatory pressures, more growth- say top pharma execs LSQ 26/07/2012 8:24 AM
U.S. Venture Investment declines in second quarter LSQ 25/07/2012 12:36 PM
High-dose vitamin D backed for fractures Meta-analysis LSQ 25/07/2012 12:34 PM


Industry News

March 2013

  • Looking for industry engagment initiatives? Check out Uniquest's The Deal Sheet - showcasing more than 30 new and remarkable innovations developed by some of Australia's leading public sector researchers.


  • Raising the Bar

    As you may be aware, the Raising the Bar Act (2012) will see significant changes to Australian IP law come into force from 15 April 2013. Overall, the changes are intended to support innovation by encouraging investment in research and technology in Australia.  Some of these changes involve improving the standards and requirements of patent specifications. Action can be taken by 12 April 2013 to request examination on existing patent applications, or to file and request examination on divisional, national phase entry and convention patent applications to ensure the more lenient patentability provisions of the present law will apply to those new applications.

    For further information regarding Raising the Bar, including a short video summarising the changes, published articles and other tools to assist you in preparing for the changes please visit the Davies Collison Cave website.


February 2013

There has been an important patent rulings in Australia about the patentability of genes. For more information on this decision please visit the below links from our Members.

Davies Collison Cave - Federal Court finds that isolated DNA is patentable subject matter in Australia

McCullough Robertson - Patenting human genetic material – promoting or deterring innovation?


November 2012


Experts to advise on clear direction for Trade
International businessman Geoffrey Thomas and former Trade Minister John Mickel will undertake a comprehensive review of Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ), Treasurer Tim Nicholls announced. To read the full media release click here.
The Terms of Reference are lited below.


Terms of Reference:

  • develop a profile of TIQ’s budget (by function and initiative) staffing (both Australian based and locally employed), information systems, financial processes and delegation structures
  • analyse the alignment of these resources with key current and emerging markets, clients and industry sectors
  • provide an economic analysis of Queensland industry sectors, exports and export markets that are in scope for assistance from TIQ
  • consider the effectiveness of current service delivery models both domestic and overseas
  • analyse models for successful trade partnerships
  • review TIQ performance measures
  • consider opportunities for utilising expertise from other State departments and Australian jurisdictions
  • analyse intelligence and planning mechanisms to ensure that TIQ is able to respond to changing environments
  • identify key priorities in the short and medium term for TIQ.