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Sunday, 24 March 2019
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LSQ will provide 'one-voice' for the industry in Queensland
LSQ will be the ‘one-voice’ of industry in Queensland and use its experience, resources, connections and knowledge of the life sciences industry (in Queensland and globally) to influence public policy for the benefit of the State through the growth of the industry.

LSQ will, as required, represent the industry in discussions with the Queensland Government on issues that have important policy implications. LSQ’s role in influencing policy is aimed at ensuring growth through strategic investment in the Queensland life science industry. LSQ will be uniquely placed to work with government stakeholders to identify and develop strategies to meet critical needs for industry infrastructure and support.

LSQ will input into national and international programs and policy where relevant. LSQ will also support policy input in specific industry sectors by working, as needed, with relevant national bodies.

LSQ will have a strong global orientation. LSQ will initiate or maintain existing strategic links with relevant organisations overseas. Currently, the Queensland Government have existing Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with organisations in the Americas (North Carolina, Washington, British Columbia, and Manitoba), New Zealand, South Korea, China, India and Japan. LSQ may assume some responsibility for the management of existing relationships and it will seek to facilitate new alliances between LSQ and international jurisdictions or organisations, and as appropriate recommend alliances for the State of Queensland.