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Saturday, 17 November 2018
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Darling Downs, South West Queensland and Toowoomba


The Darling Downs, South West Queensland and Toowoomba region “covers a total area of 397,240.8 square kilometres or 23 per cent of Queensland’s total area”. The region begins at the Toowoomba Range and extends west to the South Australian border and south to the New South Wales border. It “encompasses a variety of landscapes, including urban and rural holdings, areas of fruit and vegetable production, and national parks”.

This region “has some of Queensland’s most diverse agricultural assets and an abundance of coal, natural gas and other resource deposits”. These rich energy resources found in the Surat Basin make it a “central location for Queensland’s coal seam gas resources” and are key to the area producing around 25 per cent of Queensland’s crops and livestock.

In recent years, the Darling Downs, South West Queensland and Toowoomba have experienced significant growth in both the mining and gas industries; however agriculture, forestry and fishing remain the largest industries in the area.

Toowoomba is the economic and commercial hub of the Darling Downs. It services a diversity of primary and secondary industries and plays a significant role in the economic development of a large area of southern and south western Queensland.

With an estimated Gross Regional Product (GRP) of “AU$7.813 billion, Toowoomba represents 63.71 per cent of Surat Basin's GRP of $12.263 billion and 2.75 per cent of Queensland's GRP of AU$283.604 billion”.

Information adapted from the 2013 LSQ Member Directory.