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Saturday, 23 March 2019
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Cairns and Far North Queensland


The Cairns and Far North Queensland region encompasses a large geographical and economically diverse area. Home to a number of world heritage listed sites and one of the top ten fastest growing cities in Australia (Cairns), this region has competitive advantages in tourism, aviation, marine services and tropical expertise.

North Queensland is ideally positioned as a hub for tropical expertise - an evolving industry - due to its proximity and access to the Asia Pacific region, significant capacity in research and development, strong partnerships between industry and research institutes and an extensive network of local stakeholders. Tropical expertise is seen in businesses utilising or delivering research, innovation, science, knowledge/skills and practices, which are particular to tropical products, production, outputs or services.

Opportunities “to develop tropical applications in health, environmental management, primary industries, industrial processes and chemicals, tropical infrastructure and urban design” are emerging across a wide range “of sectors, including tropical health, tropical agribusiness, tropical living and tropical environment”.

Agriculture is a major economic driver in this region, “contributing significantly to employment, investment and domestic spending. The region is a major contributor to the value of agricultural production in Queensland. In 2005-06 the region contributed 10.2 per cent (AU$890.5 million) to the total value of agricultural production”.

Information adapted from the 2013 LSQ Member Directory.